Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sam Rivers 1923-2011

Sam Rivers passed away just one day after Christmas.  I wasn't aware of this until I noticed the tribute show to Rivers at In the Groove: Jazz and Beyond, hosted by my friend and jazz hero, Ken Laster.  I already had  a good serving of Rivers on my Live365 station.  I have substituted a couple of new cuts. 

One is the title cut from Fuchsia Swing Song (1965).  I believe that this was Rivers' first recording as leader.  Here is the lineup, from Discogs:
A second cut I am playing is 'Surge' from Waves (1979).   This is all out free jazz: every kind of energy pushing out from the inner structure of the music with only a hint of narrative. 
It's a pretty good example of River's long association with Dave Holland.   I am also featuring 'Ghetto Lights', from Bobby Hutcherson's superb Dialogue (1965). Don't miss Freddie Hubbard's toe curling blues. 
River's was twenty-four karat.  He manages to show up on a lot of very basic jazz for several decades.  I only recently fell in love with his opera. 

Last, but not least, here is a beautiful clip of Rivers and Holland playing in Germany in 1979.  Enjoy:

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