Monday, January 2, 2012

David Murray's Black Saint Quartet in Berlin

I received a nice note from Jeff Cosgrove.  Jeff is a drummer and he has just recorded a CD with the title Motian Sickness - The Music of Paul Motian, For the Love of Sarah.  You gotta love that title. 
The CD features Jamie Masefield (Jazz Mandolin Project) on mandolin, Mat Maneri (William Parker/Cecil Taylor) on viola, John Hebert (Fred Hersch/Mary Halvorson) on bass, and me on drums.  This is a project I had be speaking with Paul Motian about for over three years and he sent me all the compositions. 
I'll be reviewing this CD as soon as I get it.  I am a big fan of Paul Motian, who passed away in November.   As it happened, I had just noticed a review of Jeff's recording at Jazz Times

In a subsequent email, Jeff alerted me to a recording by David Murray and the Black Saint Quartet, Black Saint Quartet: Live in Berlin.  I found it on eMusic.  I hadn't noticed it before because eMusic didn't list it under David Murray.  I am big into David Murray.  I have been listening to it and it is exquisite.  I have a cut playing on my Live365 station.  Holy buckets but it is good!  

Here's the lineup, from Discogs
ps.  If David Murray should happen to notice this post, he should send me an email.  I will whirl like a Dervish if I get one. 

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