Saturday, January 7, 2012

More David Murray

One of the joys of a jazz collection as large as mine is that I keep discovering gems that I have either forgotten or failed to appreciate the first time round or (scary thought) downloaded and never got around to hearing.  One disc that falls into the first two categories is David Murray's Interboogieology

I was a little hesitant to post anything from it because it is the kind of jazz that frequently gets poor reviews on the L365 site.  But what the heck.  The first two cuts are, in my humble opinion, magnificent.  They are moody, lyrical, and eloquent.    I posted the first cut, 'Namthini's Shadow.'  If you have ever listened to Albert Ayler's seminal Spiritual Unity, you'll remember the ghostly wail that is always in the background of that music.  You'll hear the same kind of sound haunting this cut, in this case produced by Marta Contreras' vocals.  I find it spiritually regime changing. 

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