Friday, January 20, 2012

More Elvin Jones on Blue Note

On July 17, 1970, Elvin Jones recorded a session in the Rudy Gelder Studio that is astonishingly good.  It was released as Coalition.  I am playing a couple of cuts from this session: 'Ural Stradania' and 'Shinjitu'.  The recording features
  • Frank Foster (tenor sax on the first and alto clarinet on the second)
  • George Coleman (tenor sax)
  • Wilbur Little (bass)
  • Candido Camero (congas and tambourine)
  • Elvin Jones (drums)
Everything on the album is good, but Foster's low horn on Shinjitu is way deep down in the bone.   I found all this on the Complete Elvin Jones Blue Note Sessions, a box set that is a really box of treasure. 

In February of the following year, Jones and Foster returned to Gelder's studio for a second session.  Most of this session was released as Genesis. I already have 'For All The Other Times' playing on my L365 station.  I am adding 'Three Card Molly'.  
  • Frank Foster (tenor, alto flute, alto clarinet).  
  • Joe Farrell (tenor sax and soprano sax)
  • David Liebman (tenor sax and soprano sax)
  • Gene Perla (bass).  
  • Elvin Jones (drums)
This is great jazz on the cusp of hard bop and avant garde.  Enjoy.

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