Tuesday, April 23, 2013

John Lindberg

I have had admired bassist John Lindberg's work for some time, but I haven't listened to it recently.  What a pleasure!  Lindberg recorded three albums in the early 90's with Albert Mangelsdorff on trombone and Eric Watson on piano: Dodging Bullets, Quartet Afterstorm, and Resurrection of a Dormant Soul.  The latter two included Ed Thigpen on drums.  Together, the three make for a very fine document of a brilliant jazz leader and bass player.  Sitting down and listening to the three together will be one powerful jazz experience. 

Lindberg's sentimentality certainly tilts to the avant garde.  These albums keep close, however, to the hard bop taste.  I can't think that any jazz fan will not find something here to treasure.

I am playing the title cuts from the first two albums and 'E.t.p.' from the last.  I would note that Eric Watson's playing on the last album is channeling Thelonious Monk.  Listen to it, if you are a Monk fan and tell me you don't wonder if master's ghost is in the keys. 

This is wonderful music. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Two Daves

I have been playing a lot of Dave Holland on my Live365 station.  Holland is a brilliant bass player and equally brilliant band leader.  He has his own label now, Dare2Records.  I purchased a two record recording from the site, including Pathways, by the Dave Holland Octet, and a Flamenco duet with Holland and guitarist Pepe Habichuela.  The latter isn't jazz, but it is great if you have been in Madrid recently. 

Pathways is well worth listening to.  I am playing 'Blue Jean'.   Here is the lineup:
  • Antonio Hart (Alto Sax and Flute), 
  • Chris Potter (Tenor Sax and Soprano Sax), 
  • Gary Smulyan (Baritone Sax), 
  • Alex "Sasha" Sipiagin (Trumpet & Flugelhorn), 
  • Robin Eubanks (Trombone), 
  • Steve Nelson (Vibraphone and Marimba), 
  • Dave Holland (bass), 
  • Nate Smith (drums)
 I am also playing a cut from Extensions (1990) by the Dave Holland Quartet.  This is an interesting, slightly fusionesque offering (chiefly due to the electric guitar sound).  Here is the lineup:
Meanwhile I have added a couple of numbers from Dave Murray's Black Saint Quartet (2008).  From the Live in Berlin album: 'Dirty Laundry' and 'Banished'.  This is one of the many truly great jazz albums that go without recognition.  Please seek it out and nail it down.