Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wayne Escoffery Live @ the Village Vangard

I thoroughly approve of NPR's Village Vanguard series.  I have directed a lot of attention to it on these pages.  Tomorrow night (Wednesday, June 9th) Wayne Escoffery debuts at the Vanguard.  I don't know this tenor player, except by his album Intuition.  Another Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings recommendation.  The album is kick ass, rich cloth bop.  I downloaded it from eMusic partially on the PG recommendation, and also because of Jeremy Pelt plays his trumpet.  I recently acquired a Pelt recording Men of Honor, which I really should post about.  It's Pelt channeling Miles Davis. 

Anyway, Intuition is a fine album.  In addition to Escoffery and Pelt, Rick Germanson plays piano, Gerald Cannon bass, Rickey Peterson drums, and Carolyn Leonhart (Escoffery's wife) on vocal.  Here is a sample:
Wayne Escoffery/The First One/Intuition
This number strikes me as an obvious tribute to another Wayne: Wayne Shorter.  Both the tenor playing and the piano remind me of Shorter's great sixties recordings.  Suddenly I feel all tingly.

I expect that Wednesday's concert will be available for download.  It would be worth catching live.  Escoffery seems to know what he is doing. 

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