Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Italian Connection

Here is a worthy disc I am betting you haven't heard. Gianluigi Trovesi is an Italian sax player and composer.  I purchased his recording From G to G a while back, and I listen to it occasionally.  The recording is very clear, and the music is compelling.  I am not sure about the jazz funk number 'Now I Can', but the title piece is soundtrack of your life good. 

Here it is.  Enjoy.  Purchase.  
Gianluigi Troves/From G to G/From G to G


  1. This is great! Sounds kind of like baroque music at parts, but then very modern at other parts. Who's in the band? I especially like the trombone playing. I'll have to find this recording sometime when I have the money for it.


  2. John: I downloaded it from eMusic. So far, I haven't found a list of the band with their instruments. The eMusic page has a list of the Octet players. All of the names look to be Italian, and none were familiar to me.

    I also noticed that the disc is available for mp3 download from Amazon, for well under ten bucks.

    It is very interesting music. Some of it is pretty edgy avant garde type stuff. I certainly agree that it's great.