Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Little Big Band

I am not a big band fan.  My ears live almost exclusively between the one and the nine.  But there are exceptions to every rule, except perhaps for this one.  Tonight I am listening to Bob Brookmeyer and the New Art Orchestra: New Works.  This is a superb album, as good perhaps as Blues and the Abstract Truth

It is what classical music people would call a concerto.  Why aren't there more valve trombone players?  This music builds its own venue: soft blue lights, a table with a drink or two, just off the stage.  There is just you, your love, the orchestra, and Brookmeyer.  All that resolves into a dialogue between your heart and the cage in which it beats.  

If you don't have this disc, you have a hole in your collection.  Here is a sample.
Bob Brookmeyer and the New Art Orchestra/Celebration Slow Dance/New Works


  1. I used to like Bob Brookmeyer a lot but then somehow lost track. Thanks for introducing this great album.

  2. Andreas: Thanks for the comment. The album is indeed a gem. I am thinking of doing a top ten "jazz concerto" list. This would be on it.