Friday, April 2, 2010

Stolen Moments

I was tempted to put this title to this post: "Jazz Note's Last Post", and then follow that with April Fools!  But the line of time has passed into April 2nd, and that wouldn't be fair, would it?  I am going to try to introduce some discipline and delete links to music after a week or so.  Maybe that will get the coppers off my back.  So if you want to enjoy my music samples, be prompt in your reading. 

I enjoy doing this blog.  Part of the reason is very simple.  I enjoy jazz and want to share it with someone.  My significant other doesn't want to hear it.  My kids don't listen to jazz.  You, my dear readers, are it. 

I have been pushing Booker Ervin since I began this blog.  The Texas tenor made his mark with Charles Mingus, and he shows up on a lot of Mingus' great albums.  These include Mingus Ah Um, and Mingus at Antibes.  Ervin's work as leader is recognized by The Penguin Guide to Jazz and the All Music Guide to Jazz.  I can highly recommend his "Book" recordings:
Song Book
Space Book
Freedom Book

& Blues Book
This week I have been listening to Structurally Sound.  This is one of those recordings that was only recently hard to come by.  Now you can get the MP3 album from Amazon.  Charles Tolliver on trumpet, John Hicks on piano, Red Mitchell on bass, and Lenny McBrowne on drums.  The band has a very large sound.  It is hard driving bop all the way.  It will make you happy. 

Here is a sample.  Listen quick, it won't be here for long. 
Booker Ervin/Stolen Moments/Structurally Sound
Booker Ervin is reliable.  When you want that solid bop thing, you can always go to him. 

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