Monday, April 26, 2010

Steve Lacy, Herb Ellis, & the Copyright Cop Blues

I just had another post taken down by the "authorities".  Oddly enough, this one was an old post on Ike Quebec, with the link long since ineffective.  I found a copy of the original notice, and my blog appears in a long list of offenders.  I suspect that this is a largely automated process.  

Anyway, and while I am still in business, I picked up a bunch of great jazz at the wonderful Jazz Record Mart in Chicago.  One was a disc I have been searching for: Five Facings, by Steve Lacy.  This is a series of duets with Lacy on Soprano Sax of course, and different piano players.  If you know Lacy's music at all, well, this is more Lacy.  With just a piano and sax, it is very laconic music.  I find it exquisite: pure musical ideas laid out for all to hear.  

Five Facings is apparently out of print.  You can find it online, but only for the price of a new DVD player.  I was delighted to find it at the Jazz Mart.  Here is a sample.  It won't be here long.  
Steve Lacy/Ruby My Dear/Five Facings
I had planned to do a more extensive post in honor of Herb Ellis' passing.  I ain't got around to it yet, but I did pick up a beautiful double album, with Nothing But the Blues & Herb Ellis Meets Jimmy Giuffre.  It is quite a find, if you like Herb's lovely lines.  I think the latter is the real prize.  Jimmy Giuffre is easy to miss.  He looked and dressed like Lawrence Whelk, but played like he was from outer space.  On this album, he sounds more like Lawrence Whelk.  But the music is rockin' good jazz.  Here is a sample:
Herb Ellis/Remember  
You can get the double album at a reasonable price from Amazon.  If you like jazz guitar, you won't be sorry you read this post. 


  1. Sorry to hear your news that the copyright cops were on your case again. The future for music blogs seems to be under threat, already many have folded due to the extra harassment they are facing. Here in the UK there is new legislation which will force ISPs to block the internet connection of customers suspected of online copyright infringement. through illegal downloads (three warnings and you are cut) So even listening to your excerpts will put me at risk, and I no longer do so
    Of course, Jazz Note SDP still remains an essential read because it frequently gets be back to listening and reappraising music stored on my PC; with 50+ years of buying jazz recordings, often there are gold nuggets that never turn up on random play.
    Frequently I can listen to your recommendations using 'Spotify' a music streaming service available in the UK and most of Europe. A bit like having access to everything on iTunes, with a excellent jazz catalogue; its free if you can put up with the adverts and the equivalent of $15/month to be ad' free but that also allows tracks to played on my iPod Touch.
    Sad to say, it did not have the Steve Lacy 'Five Facings' album, but it does have Steve Lacy playing Monk tunes with Anthony Brown's Asian American Orchestra The story about the CD can be read at ; strong playing from Lacy, a Chinese hammered dulcimer replaces the piano, and the Asian American Orchestra gives an oriental Mingus flavour to the proceedings. (The album can be downloaded from Amazon)
    I have never heard of Anthony Brown before today, but I am looking forward to comparing his version of 'Far East Suite' with Ellington's original from 1966 – for me, one of the best albums Duke recorded
    In conclusion, like JazzWax, you do not need to up-load any tracks- just continuing sharing your love of the music.


  2. Thanks for the informative comment, MrD. I am not too unhappy about the situation right now. If someone out there objects to anything I post or link to, they inform G and G informs me. Off it goes.

    I will have to investigate the site you recommend.