Friday, April 30, 2010

Cheap Vibes

I have stopped downloading from iTunes' store.  They rarely have the best deals, but that isn't the real problem.  Anything I store in their format can't be converted into MP3s.  This matters because the cd player in my RAV4 can read MP3 discs.  I like to load it with hours of music and listen to bits of that when I go for red potatoes or a bottle of Johnny Walker.  But I keep getting that message that I can't burn anything Apple has sold me or touched.  

Amazon has a lot more music, better deals, and you get honest MP3 files.  Yesterday I found another Bobby Hutcherson recording, Happenings, for about four bucks on Amazon.  I gather that this CD is no longer available in plastic.  The Penguin Guide (may it be praised!) mentions it but doesn't list it.  I have little patience for the music industry when it fails to make such recordings available for download.  Amazon has this one, with a Hutcherson/Herbie Hancock team up, with Bob Cranshaw and Joe Chambers.  It's a beautiful piece of work, and four dollars is about what I think a recording should cost.  Especially a recording that has been sitting in the vaults for decades.  

I have already mentioned Hutcherson's wonderful disc Stick-Up!  That is also available from Amazon for a handful of bucks.  Here is a sample from Happenings, one of Hancock's great compositions.
Bobby Hutcherson/Maiden Voyage/Happenings 
Enjoy.  And if you do, for goodness's sake go to Amazon and download them.  You can't get a magazine for this price, and you won't be throwing this stuff into the recycling bin. 

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