Friday, April 30, 2010

Bobby Hutcherson's Components

I just noticed that Amazon has Wayne Shorter's Adam's Apple available as MP3 download for two cents under four bucks.  I did a couple of posts on Shorter's magnificent work in the 1960's, and in the second post I review Adam's Apple as the last in that core Shorter collection.  If you don't have this recording, don't let this one slip away at this price.  

Today I grabbed Bobby Hutcherson's Components for a cool $7.99, bringing my collection of Hutcherson's recordings up to 1967.  This recording is very interesting as a document of Hutcherson's range in the period.  Here is the lineup. which I got from a very nice Hutcherson discography page:
Freddie Hubbard (tp);
James Spaulding (as, fl);
Bobby Hutcherson (vib, mar);
Herbie Hancock (p, org);
Ron Carter (b);
Joe Chambers (d)
It's hard to beat that for a band.  The album begins with a number that has Hubbard and Spaulding playing with almost a big band feel.  It is followed by lyrical, impressionistic piece.  These numbers are solid post bop, challenging only to the most conservative jazz fan. Much the same is true of the third and fourth numbers.  The last is back to the fat horn sound, and is quite beautiful.  Hancock's piano is especially haunting.  

The next three numbers shift abruptly into the new thing.  There is no bothering with melody, it's all down to playing with the components of music.  'Movement,' in particular, is a revealing avant garde document.  The interplay between horns on the one hand, and bass and percussion on the other, is very well articulated.  Some listeners may find it whiny, but I do not. 

The last number returns to romantic impressionism.  It is more or less what vibes are for.  Here it is for a sample.  
Bobby Hutcherson/Pastoral/Components
 Give it a try.  Let me know what you think. 

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