Friday, October 30, 2009

Tom Varner's French Quartet Saints

Tom Varner is one weird dude, man.  Who told him you could play jazz on a french horn?  I scarfed up one Varner album, The Window Up Above: American Songs 1770-1998.  Who told him that jazz album titles could have subtitles?  Anyway, this is one strange trip through American music.  But I am thinkin' that it is a good hour spent.  

I particularly like his rendition of 'When the Saints Come Marching In.'  Anyone has who has heard it in Preservation Hall in the French Quarter will immediately recognize the alcohol buzz in Varner's version.  By the time you have consumed a plate of shrimp and downed more than a beer or two, and stood in line for an hour, well, this is what 'The Saints' sounds like.  
Tom Varner/When the Saints Come Marching In/The Window Up Above: American Songs 1770-1998.


  1. thank you! got a new one out, too--you'd like it--- a tentet, "Heaven and Hell" has lots of info---- thanks for the listen, ken! best tom varner

  2. Holy Cow! Tom, I missed this comment when you posted it. I am very happy to get it. Your music is priceless. Thanks a bunch.