Thursday, October 22, 2009

Charles Gayle Takes No Prisoners

If you are going on a camping trip, don't take the expensive wine.  With all the campfire smoke and trail mix, you won't be able to taste it.  If you are going to listen to Charles Gayle, make sure your pallet is prepared.  Oddly enough, I find this music most compelling in the early morning, when I am just waking up.  You have to get a lot of your brain out of the way to hear what is going on here.  

That, of course, is the problem with page four jazz.  It makes ridiculous demands on the listener, including a lot of experience listening to edgy jazz.  But there is something here.  Or at least I thought there was this morning.  Charles Gayle is an uncompromising avant garde tenor player.  Here are a couple samples of his work.  
Charles Gayle/Justified/Consecration
Charles Gayle,William Parker, Rashied Ali/Part A/Touchin' on Trane 
 The Consecration recording is very challenging.  The Touchin' on Trane disc is one for any major collection.  

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  1. "Touchin'On Trane" is utterly essential. There are few jazz albums released today that merit the title of "classic",but this is one of them.

    Beg, borrow or steal. It is up there with "Giant Steps", "Spiritual Unity" and "Out To Lunch". A great recommendation.