Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thomas Chapin's Aviary

If you liked Dave Holland's 'Conference of the Birds', which I posted earlier, you might like the birds of a feather work by Thomas Chapin: 'Night Bird Song.'  As I mentioned in my previous post, Chapin passed away in 1998.  I have been listening to a couple of his albums, one of them released posthumously. Night Bird Song is very edgy jazz, but I found myself dancing to it as I stir-fried a batch of kung pao shrimp.  

Chapin was one of those jazz men who seemed to be able to play any horn he put into his mouth.  The flute, in particular, seems to produce a feathered sound.  Anyway, here is a sample of Chapin's fine work.  We can only dream of what he might have done if only...
Thomas Chapin Trio/Night Bird Song/Night Bird Song

Mario Pavone on bass, and Michael Sarin on drums.  


  1. It's really good to get postings from you so often in the last week or so. I've been looking through The Village Vanguard site, there's so much to watch and listen to I may have to book some time work off work. Thanks for the posts, they're really enjoyable.

  2. Thanks, Will. It's really good to hear a complement. You might be encouraged to know that my readership is up. I am getting around sixty visits a day, which is about twice what I am used to. I have been in a posting mood, and that is partly responsible.

    The Village Vanguard concerts are a great treasure. I feel another post on that coming on.