Friday, October 16, 2009

Ron Horton for Thomas Chapin

I have been listening to Thomas Chapin's Night Bird Song recently, and I am busy collecting his work. Chapin, and alto-sax man, died of leukemia eleven years ago at age 40. This was a loss to the jazz world. Today I happened to be listening to Ron Horton's Genius Envy. Horton's album is fine piece of work. Here is the lineup, from allmusic:
The musician hears sound through a "who's who" of topnotch players, including soprano saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom, tenor John McKenna, pianist Frank Kimbrough bassist Ben Allison, and drummer Rich Rosenzweig.
One of the numbers on the recording was dedicated, by its title, to Chapin. Here it is:
Ron Horton/For Thomas Chapin/Genius Envy
Get the Horton recording. You won't be sorry.

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