Monday, August 19, 2013

New Stuff on Jazz Note

I have deleted a lot of numbers with very low ratings.  I can see no sense in some of the deletions, but what other guide do I have?  I am adding some more music to challenge my listeners. 
Rebus, by Ken Vandermark (sax), Joe Morris (guitar), and Luther Gray (drums) is one of those albums that caught my ear and wouldn’t let go.  It’s both raw and abstract‑all the cuts are labeled Rebus 1, Rebus 2, etc. 
I also nailed a couple of recordings by Oliver Lake.  Dedicated to Dolphy is a superb tribute to a jazz genius frequently celebrated on this blog.  Here is the Quintet:
I am playing ‘245’, a Dolphy composition.  It is a hearty blues with a surprisingly old timey feeling. 
Also by the Oliver Lake Quintet is Talkin’ Stick.  This is a must have for your collection.  I am playing ‘Hard Blues,’ a Julius Hemphill composition.  Everything is here.  Ringing swing, avant garde digressions, hard bop energy, and amazing sax. 
I note Geri Allen on piano.  I really like her style.  I also note Jay Hoggard’s vibes.  He lends the number a soft, magic touch. 
I also have a rocking good melody by Wayne Shorter from Wayning Moments. 
Trust me.  Finally I have a lyrical piece of such beauty that one can only point to it.  William Parker’s Raining on the Moon will water the driest heart.  ‘Old Tears’ is exquisite. 


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