Saturday, August 10, 2013

Free Flying by Fred Hersch & Juian Lage

One of my favorite albums from my early days as a jazz fan was Undercurrent, a duet with Bill Evans on piano and Jim Hall on guitar.  Guitar/piano duos seem to be rare.  I have very few of them in my collection.  This pairing has a very different feel from the more common piano/bass or piano/bass/drum trio.  The piano has so much the greater range, while the guitar can smear sound to create a larger ensemble impression. 

I have recently acquired a very fine example of this pairing: Free Flying (Palmetto).  Pianist Fred Hersch and Guitar virtuoso Julian Lage remind me a lot of that earlier album.  I am playing two cuts, 'Monk's Dream' and 'Beatrice' by Sam Rivers.  These guys have that feeling.  If you like duets, you will like this one. 

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