Friday, August 2, 2013

Free Jazz 4 Free (almost)

Somebody has finally figured out that you can market unmarketable jazz if only the price is right.  If we are talking about the Art Ensemble of Chicago, a very uncompromising avant garde institution, the price is about two bucks an album.  I'll download Reese and the Smooth Ones for that.  Yeah, it's nutty music, but I'm a collector.

Amazon has a small offering of Affinity discs for similar prices, and some of it is seminal jazz.  You can get  Archie Shepp's Yasmina, A Black Woman, for example.  It's a very hard driving blues based work and it will round out your Shepp.  Or just stroll through the 'under five bucks' jazz at Amazon.  I nailed Jackie McLean's New Soil, a marvelous album. 

 ps.  If you don't have Grachan Moncur's album New Africa, you should.  You can get it from Amazon for under four bucks. 

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