Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tord Gustavsen

I said in a recent comment that I didn't have any Tord Gustavsen in my library.  Shows you what I know.  I did have a TG Trio album: Changing Places (2003).  Tord Gustavsen: piano; Harald Johnsen: bass; Jarle Vespestad: drum.  

It's a fine example of the Nordic flavor in jazz: slow and deeply introspective.  I am playing 'Where Breathing Starts', an evocative title if ever there was one.  I especially like how the three layers of sound slide over one another for each solo.  The texture of the percussion seems woven of soft straw, allowing the bass to bounce on it and the piano to weave its sparkle through both.  This is one worth having for anyone fond of piano trios.  Hat tip to John for sending me looking. 

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