Saturday, November 24, 2012


Anyone who has consulted my political blog will guess that I did not vote for Barack Obama either this time or last.  While I have been a frequent critic of the President, I also recognize the extraordinary historical importance of his election and reelection.  In his honor, I am playing 'Meditations on Integration (or for a pair of wire-cutters)' from The Great Concert of Charlie Mingus.  No, we are not a color-blind society yet and perhaps such a thing is not to be expected.  But Mr. Obama's success proves at least that the wires have been cut. 

Every time I return to the music of Mingus, I am astounded anew.  As a band leader, composer, and bass player, Mingus was equally brilliant.  This 1964 Paris concert is a fine sample of his genius.  
This composition has a classical grandeur that much of jazz aspires to.  I can't get enough of Eric Dolphy.  Everyone on the piece is in very fine form.  Enjoy.  


  1. Ken B., I applaud your homage to our President's re-election. I published a podcast in tribute to Obama's election, and at the same time to remember the devastation of Storm Sandy.

    Included is a "mash-up" I had done of Obama's first inaugural address with Sonny Rollins' Freedom Suite. Listening to the snippets from Obama's address it is striking how many of his lofty ideals have not yet been fulfilled, yet the importance that we strive to keep those values and a vision of a more "just" world alive.

    Coincidently, I also included a Mingus track in my playlist for this tribute. I haven't heard Meditations on Integration, but I will certainly hunt it down and give it a listen.

  2. Thanks, Ken L. I appreciated your podcast. I too would like to see a more just world. I confess that, just right now, I would be happy to see a sane fiscal policy.

    The Great Concert is, well, a great concert.