Saturday, November 17, 2012

I am not quite sure why I bother with this blog.  Although my stats show plenty of readers, no one ever bothers to comment.  As a result, I don't bother much with it.  The thing is, I love jazz so much I just can't help talking about it from time to time.  I like a lot of musical genres, especially rock and roll, Celtic traditional, and Reggae.  Nothing, however, seems to dig deeper into my soul than jazz. 

Earlier this year I listened to Brad Mehldau and Joshuah Redman perform 'Hey Joe', a duet interpretation of Jimi Hendrix's great blues composition.  I still get shivers when I remember it.  I just downloaded Mehldau's new album Where Do You Start.   I am playing 'Hey Joe' from that album on my station.  It can't match what I heard, but it gives you a pretty good feel for it.  I am also playing 'Holland', an exquisitely pensive meditation.  I urge you to get this album.  Tell 'em I sent ya.

Meanwhile, Brad, post me a comment.  I have been pushing your music for a long time.  Push back.  And if your are reading, leave me a note.  It's lonely here.  


  1. I'm not Brad, but thanks for directing me to his music. I've been hearing about him for a few years, but haven't gotten around to checking out his music until now. Good stuff.

    If you have not listened to Norwegian pianist Tord Gustavsen, you should do so. He has some incredibly beautiful music. I just discovered him earlier this week.

    John (from St. Paul. It's been a long time since I last commented...)

  2. I read your posts every time they pop up in my reader (RSS is NOT dead!). Unfortunately, life often gets in the way of being a good reader and giving the comment love. I will try to rectify that.

    As to the above comment, I just picked up a Tord Gustavsen CD (The Well) from the library, but haven't had a chance to listen to it yet.

  3. Ask and you shall receive. John and Thomas: thanks for the prompt replies. I apologize for pleading, but as I said it has been lonely here of late.

    I am familiar with Gustavsen but I don't have any of his work in my collection yet. I see that eMusic has The Well, which I gather was released this year. I like Nordic jazz a lot, so I am going to investigate. I will probably have something to talk about soon.

    Again, thanks for the comments. However, Brad, I am not letting you off the hook.

  4. Yes! I dig this album. Haven't always been a fan of Mehldau, never had been able to warm up to him like I can to Bill Evans lets say. But after listening to this, I get it. Aquelos Coisas Todas is another wonderful track with a Latin Influence. This trio has played together for a long time now and you can certainly hear the musical empathy they have for each other. Thanks Ken, for bringing it to my attention. It's on this weeks podcast too.

  5. Thanks for the note, Ken. I always thought that Mehldau sounded kinda like Evans, but I understand your reticence. I have long like the Art of the Trio albums, but I fell head over heels in love when I saw Mehldau and Joshua Redman in Chicago. Man was that a concert!