Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ken Laster leads me to the gold

Okay, so I have been missing a lot of Ken Laster's In the Groove: Jazz and Beyond, lately.  Whoever said that time is money got it wrong.  Time is Music.  Anyway, I have been trying to catch up by throwing a lot of Ken's podcast on discs (mp3) and I listen to it whenever I get in my car.  

Yesterday as I drove to work I heard his podcast "3 Nights in NYC".  The first cut was 'Moanin' by the Mingus Big Band, from the album Live At Jazz Standard.  I am not generally a big band fan, but this one grabbed me by the short and curlies and lifted me right out of my seat.  Yes, I cried out!  It was magnificent.  Here is the lineup:

  1. Randy Brecker, 
  2. Kenny Rampton and
  3. Earl Gardner, Trumpet
  4. Wayne Escoffery and 
  5. Abraham Burton, Tenor Saxophone
  6. Vincent Herring, Alto Saxophone
  7. Douglas Yates, Alto, Soprano Saxophone and Flute
  8. Lauren Sevian, Baritone Saxophone
  9. Ku-Umba 
  10. Frank Lacy and 
  11. Conrad Herwig, Trombones
  12. Earl McIntyre, Bass Trombone and 
  13. TubaDavid Kikoski, Piano
  14. Boris Kozlov, Bass
  15. Jeff "Tain" Watts, Drums
This album is superb.  I am playing 'Moanin' and 'Song with Orange', one of my favorite Mingus compositions.  Just to show that Ken and yours truly are on the same wavelength, Ken also playing a piece by Jonathan Blake.  I just put a piece from Blake's new album The Eleventh Hour on my playlist this week. 

Laster's Jazz and Beyond is the best jazz podcast I have ever found.  Subscribe!

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