Friday, May 11, 2012

David Schnitter's Sketch

This one has been waiting for me patiently in the Penguin Guide.  A single entry under "Schnitter".  I listened to it over the last couple of days and I have concluded that Sketch is more buried masterpiece.  There is so much to appreciate here.  You will hear echoes of the Jazz Messengers, with whom Schnitter played for a long time.  There is a lot of Don Cherry and a healthy lump of Ornette Coleman.  This my favorite kind of jazz album: standards done like you have never heard them before. 

All About Jazz has an excellent review.  From that source, here is the lineup: 
  1. Dave Schnitter (tenor sax); 
  2. James Zollar (trumpet); 
  3. Thomas Bramerie (bass); 
  4. Jimmy Madison (drums)
You really want this one in your collection.   I am playing a couple of cuts from the album: 'For All We Know', and 'You Don't Know What Love Is'.  Enjoy. 

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