Friday, February 17, 2012

Reid Anderson

Reid Anderson plays bass for the very interesting group Bad Plus.  He has at least three albums as leader that I have been fond of for some time: Abolish Bad Architecture, Dirty Show Tunes, and The Vastness of Space.  Right now I am playing 'Granada' from the first on that list.  Here is the lineup:
  1. Ethan Iverson (piano) 
  2. Reid Anderson (bass)
  3.  Mark Turner (tenor sax) and
  4.  Jeff Ballard (drums)
Iverson and Turner are the best known of the group.  Iverson sports a very unique style and has a number of excellent recordings of his own.  Turner is a fine tenor with a classical touch.  The cut is simply marvelous.  

I am also playing 'Imagination is Important' from Dirty Show Tunes.  Jordi Rossy replaces Ballard on drums. 

These three albums are a nice collection for your collection.  All, I think, are available from eMusic. 

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