Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mark Turner

After I wrote the last post, I went back and listened to Mark Turner's recording, Yam Yam.  Wow, but was that worth a listen.  Pure joy.  The sound was evocative, but as usually I was not certain what spirits were being evoked.  I think I heard some Herbie Hancock here and some Wayne Shorter.  Maybe Shorter with Herbie Hancock behind him or vice versa. 

The album features a quartet, with Kurt Rosenwinkel on guitar, Brad Mehldau on piano, and Jorge Rossy on drums.  I note Rossy's presence on Reid Anderson's Dirty Show Tunes.  I also confess that I fell in love with Mehldau a couple of summers ago, but I have lost touch.  I have to go back to the Art of the Trio Recordings. 

I am playing 'Tune Number One' from Yam Yam.  That is enough for now.  

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