Monday, January 5, 2009

To My Readers: a Gift & a Request

First the request: if you are reading this blog, please comment. Let me know who you are and what you appreciate on this blog. I am getting a little traffic, about 25 visitors a day. Most are from the United States, but a significant number are from France, the UK, and Germany. I would like to hear from everyone who samples my blog. I will try to respond to any comment. If you like the music I post here, do me this simple favor. I read French with the help of a dictionary, but I don't read German at all. So I am relying on Google.

Tout d'abord la demande: si vous lisez ce blog, s'il vous plaît commentaire. Permettez-moi de savoir qui vous êtes et ce que vous appréciez sur ce blog. Je reçois un peu de circulation, environ 25 visiteurs par jour. La plupart sont des États-Unis, mais un grand nombre sont originaires de France, le Royaume-Uni et en Allemagne. Je voudrais entendre de la part de tous les échantillons qui ont mon blog. Je vais essayer de répondre à tout commentaire. Si vous aimez la musique, je poste ici, me faire cette simple faveur. Je lis le français avec l'aide d'un dictionnaire, mais je ne lis pas l'allemand à tous. Donc je compte sur Google.

Zunächst wird die Anfrage: Wenn Sie dieses Blog lesen, bitte Kommentar. Lassen Sie mich wissen, wer Sie sind und was Sie schätzen, für die dieser Blog. Ich bin immer ein wenig Verkehr, ca. 25 Besucher pro Tag. Die meisten sind aus den Vereinigten Staaten, aber eine beträchtliche Zahl sind aus Frankreich, dem Vereinigten Königreich und Deutschland. Ich möchte hören, von allen Proben, die mein Blog. Ich werde versuchen, auf jeden Kommentar. Wenn Sie wie die Musik, die ich hier, kann mich dieser einfachen Gefallen. Ich habe Französisch mit Hilfe eines Wörterbuchs, aber ich kann nicht lesen deutsch. Deshalb bin ich auf Google.

Here is the favor: 'Think Deep,' by Coleman Hawkins, from The Hawk Flies High.

Meanwhile, God Save Jazz!


  1. I for one appreciate the introduction to jazz recordings that I haven't heard before, and also the occasional historical tidbits. I came here via the podcast "In the groove, jazz and beyond", which I still listen to, and recommend to everyone with the slightest interest in good jazz. I hope it is fun for you do the blog, it is definitely appreciated! - Eric, San Diego, CA

  2. Like Eric, hearing about your political blog in Ken's show made me come here. I already own a lot of albums you review here, so we pretty much like the same things. Your tip on the album "Affinity" was great, it has become one of my favorite albums. Besides jazz, I also listen to americana, singer-songwriters, alternative country and blues. Keep up the good work!
    - André, the Netherlands

  3. I also found my way here via the In The Groove podcast. I'm in the process of learning to play upright bass with a focus on traditional jazz, so I try to listen to as much acoustic bass jazz as I can. I like the history as well. Thank you for posting these gems.

    I also play in an orchestra and an americana band.

    -tom, Columbus, OH

  4. Thanks a bunch for the replies! So far nothing in French or German.

    Eric: it is fun to do the blog. I really love jazz (if you haven't noticed), and it's fun to be able to share my appreciation with other fans. I am very gratified to know that someone else appreciates what I am doing here.

    André: I am happy that I turned you on to "Affinity." Bill Evans was my first jazz hero, and this recording was one of the first jazz records I purchased. The sweet soul of it got me through a lot of bad times.

    Tom: Good luck that that bass. I was lucky enough to see Ray Brown and Joe Pass in a small nightclub in Southern California. Brown's fingers were the size of bratwurst, but boy did they find the notes! I envy you the joy of actually playing jazz.

    Thanks again for the replies. Please take time to comment on future posts.