Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back to Jack

I have been posting on a lot of edgy jazz in recent weeks. How about a taste of something squarely in the middle of page four and as solid and nourishing as a good pot of stew. Here is one that was recorded a few weeks before I was born at Rudy Van Gelder's studio in Hackensack. Maybe that sentence was confusing. I wasn't born in Van Gelder's studio, though that would make for a great story! It's Jackie McLean on also sax, with John Jenkins (also on alto) Wade Legge (p) Doug Watkins (b) Art Taylor (d). The info comes from the wonderful Jazz Discography Project, which is one of the things that keeps up my faith in jazz. Someone took the time to do this!
Jackie McLean/The Lady is A Tramp/Alto Madness
It can be had for pennies from eMusic. McLean was an authentic hardbop hero. I seem to recall Ken Laster honoring his passing back in 2006.

Here's a nice video clip of the McLean Quintet doin' Sonny Clark's 'Cool Strutin'.

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