Sunday, January 25, 2009

David Murray: Avant Garde & Reentry

So I'm a little bit obsessed just right now with David Murray. While preparing a Chinese dinner (garlic and chili shrimp with stir fry Bok Choy on the side), I listened again to his album Body and Soul. It was as good as the shrimp, and a lot better than the bok choy.

You can consult my recent posts on Murray to see my view of his place in jazz. But the whole story is on this disc. The album blends straightforward hard bop with avant garde stretch. The title song is delicious, with Murray playing hints and the melody provided by a striking vocal performance.

Sonelius Smith on piano, Wilber Morris on bass, Rashid Ali on drums. Taana Running sings 'Body and Soul.' Her deep, smeary voice is perfect. The piano/bass/drum dialogue on the first cut, 'Slave Song' is superb.

Here is a sample:
David Murray/Odin/Body and Soul
One reason I fell in love with Murray is that a really big chunk of his work is available on eMusic. If you like this cut, join eMusic or find the disc somewhere else. You won't be disappointed.

Here is a nice YouTube clip of Murray. The sound is awesome.


  1. If your cooking is anywhere close to how Murray cooks on Odin, I want a taste!

  2. Maybe I will get a chance to cook for you yet! I'm glad that you enjoyed Murray's 'Odin'. It's real jazz power.