Thursday, June 14, 2012

More El'Zabar

I listened again this evening to Kahil El'Zabar's album Live At The East River Art Center.  I am moving the rating up a notch from very fine to magnificent.  If you want something to listen to while chopping peppers for fish tacos, this is definitely your disc.  I am replacing one cut with another on my L365 station.  'Big M' is longer, but so bloody awesome they should put it on the soundtrack in Heaven.  

I am also playing 'Nia', and 'The Ebullient Duke,' an Ellington tribute, from Love Outside Of Dreams.  The Kahil El'Zabar Trio includes David Murray on sax and Fred Hopkins on bass.  It was Hopkins' last recording.  The album is a showcase for Murry, who plays like he did on his magnificent early albums, but El'Zabar's brilliant drumming lays down a delicious cushion under the horn.  It is a very fine sax trio album. 

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