Friday, June 15, 2012

Cliff Jordan & John Gilmore: The Neglected Masterpiece of Blue Note Hard Bop


That, at any rate, is how the latest edition of the Penguin Guide (The History of the Music in the 1001 Best Albums) describes Blowin' In From Chicago (1957).  The recording is often listed under the leadership of Clifford Jordan, though the two get equal status on the album cover.  Gilmore is almost solely known for his work with Sun Ra.  Blowin', however, suggests that these were two under utilized talents.

The solos are fierce and uncompromising. The album features 
  1.  John Gilmore on tenor sax
  2. Clifford Jordan on tenor sax
  3. Curley Russel on bass, 
  4. Horace Silver on piano, and 
  5. Art Blakey on drums.   
That makes is a classic item in your hard bop collection.  I am playing 'Status Quo' and 'Billie's Bounce'. 

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