Friday, November 5, 2010

JazzNote Radio 1: Miles Davis and his Men

JazzNote is now playing on Live365.  Episode 1 is about three hours long and will repeat (I hope!).  This episode is devoted to the music of the two great quintets headed by Miles Davis, and to music produced by the great jazzmen who were part of those two groups.  It roughly tracks some of my early collecting. 

JazzNote can be accessed at this address:

Here is a list of the music on Episode 1.  

Adderley Julian One for Daddy-O Somethin' Else
Carter Ron Lawra Third Plane
Carter Ron Softly as in a Morning Sunrise Where?
Coltrane John Bass Blues Tranein In
Coltrane John I Want To Talk About You Soultrane
Davis Miles My Funny Valentine Cookin'
Davis Miles Ahmad's Blues Workin'
Davis Miles Iris ESP
Davis Miles My Funny Valentine Live at the Plugged Nickel
Garland Red All Morning Long All Morning Long
Garland Red What Can I Say? Groovy
Hancock Herbie Oliloqui Valley Empyrean Isles
Hancock Herbie The Sorcerer Speak Like a Child
Morgan Lee Melancholee Search for the New Land
Pepper Art Imagination Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section
Shorter Wayne Down in the Depts Introducing Wayner Shorter
Shorter Wayne Infant Eyes Speak No Evil
Williams Tony Two Pieces of One: Red Life Time
Williams Tony Love Song Spring


  1. not seeing it. What's the link?

  2. It will be up momentarily, if all goes well. The Link is now on the post.

  3. Here's the correct link:

    Man, what a pain in the ass this site ( is. Flash up the wazzoo.

  4. Thanks, anon. I corrected the link above. Live365 does have its drawbacks, but there are reasons why it is probably the future of this show. In a few months I will move to the Northern State University radio show that we are creating. That has to be perfectly legal, and Live365 just about has that market cornered.

    Thanks for listening and for the help. Let me know what you think of the show. I am pretty content with the sound quality.

  5. Congratulations. You did it. Sound quality is good, tunes are cool (Thanks in particular for All Mornin' Long). As for the station itself, I can't find anything wrong with Live365, on the contrary, it's radio's chance for survival. One thing that may need fixing is the sound of the Jazz Note audio, which I can hear only on one speaker. But I can hear your voice alright, so it's a minor issue. Anyway, this channel adds a whole new dimension to your blog, which I have started reviewing again.

  6. Thanks Andreas. I have one listener! My mike is mono only, and I haven't figured out yet how to double the signal for both channels. It is also a little tinny. I am using Audacity, which is free, and it's pretty good for that. I hope all this will get better as I learn how this stuff works. All in all, I am amazed at how well the first show came out.

    Thanks again.