Sunday, August 8, 2010

Greg Osby @ the Vanguard

I have exactly one Greg Osby recording.  Banned in New York.  I am guessing that the title is a lie.  It's fine jazz.  Page four to be certain: long lines that aren't much concerned with any narrative.  Yet the horn keeps you entranced.  I am listening to it  now because Osby is featured on the NPR Live at the Village Vanguard series.  He turned fifty last week.  Even jazz masters aren't exempt.  You can hear the concert recorded on his birthday at the NPR site.  

Here is a very short excerpt from the above recording.  You won't wonder what he can do after you hear it.  
Greg Osby/Big Foot (excerpt)/Banned In New York
The NPR concert is something rather different, but don't miss it.  Marc Copland on piano is worth the hour. 

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