Saturday, March 6, 2010

Petter Wettre & Windows 7

I am a little more anal and a little less careful about backing up my music files than I ought to be.  I keep my music on three hard drives, two at home and one at work.  That's the anal part.  The careless part is that my hard drive of first resort is a portable drive with 320 Gig of space, and for months I have known there was a problem with it.  My laptop kept detecting it again every time I moved it, as if it was losing contact, which it was.  I figured it was the cord, but I popped it and the cord in my pocket and went to Office Max.  

Halfway there it occurred to me that I had about twenty discs worth of music (David S. Ware, Artie Shaw, Lennie Tristano, etc.) that hadn't yet be transferred to the other drives.  Some of it wasn't even on my iPod, and the David Ware three disc collection, Live in the World, I downloaded from Amazon and probably couldn't get another copy if Seagate Drive took a tumble. 

New cord and drive made it back safely, I am happy to report. While I was there I decided to do something else I'd been putting off, and buy an upgrade to Windows 7.  It's real soon, but so far it works great.  I have heard it is as crash proof as Vista was crash prone.  Henceforward I resolve to live a better life. 

Forgive all that my diary stuff, cause it led to this.  While surveying my jazz library to reassure myself that everything was there, I noticed Pig Virus, by Petter Wettre, a Norwegian tenor player.  Like a drunk's tattoo, I have no idea how it got there.  Nor could I guess what it sounded like.  It's in the Penguin Guide, which means I downloaded it after reading the entry; but when is anyone's guess.  I am pretty sure I haven't listened to it until now.  

I may have been subconsciously ignoring it, as it is located just after Peter Brotzman's For Adolphe Sax.  Brotzman is one of those impenetrable page five guys (not is it jazz, but is it music?).  Anyway, I did listen to it tonight and it's fine, edgy bop.  Havard Wiik's piano work is especially notable.  Here is the title song.  
Petter Wettre Quartet/Pig Virus
 How can you not love that title? 

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