Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yet More Thomas Chapin

It is just shy of one o'clock in the morning, central time, November the 28th, 2009, as I am listening to Thomas Chapin's Insomnia.  I have never suffered much from sleeplessness, but I like to sit up late scouring the web and doing my blogging. 

Insomnia has the Thomas Chapin Trio backed by a lot of brass.  It wasn't easy to come by, but it's more than worth a listen.  The first number has power behind it.  Here it is.
Thomas Chapin Trio with Brass/Pantheon/Insominia


  1. great Chapin youtube:

  2. What a performance!!!! That double horn thing is astounding. Chapin was a jazz powerhouse. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the composition was one of the most brilliant and compelling in modern jazz. Thanks for the tip!