Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Miles at Stockholm

What a splendid chunk of jazz the Miles Quintet at Stockholm box has turned out to be. I listened to disc 1, with Trane playing, while driving around town today. I believe it is the March 22, 1960 concert. Two of the numbers are from Kind of Blue: 'So What', and 'All Blues.' They come closer to the perfection of KOB than any live versions of these songs I have heard. I sat in my car at the supermarket tapping the steering wheel for a long time before I persuaded myself to shut it off and go in.

Here is a sample from disc 1. Miles is brilliant. Trane is transcendent. Wynton Kelly is great enough for me.

All Blues/Miles Davis with John Coltrane and Sonny Stitt/In Stockholm Complete 1960

Coltrane does this marvelous restrained squealing thing with his horn that scratches itches I didn't know I had. Kelly's solo rises to the occasion, keeping the solid shuffle solid all the way to the end. You just gotta get this one.

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  1. you should listen all the 4 disc. cheers. (from portugal, so my english sucks)