Saturday, February 8, 2014

Christoph Gallio

I received a welcome email this week from Christoph Gallio.  Gallio is jazz saxophonist based in Switzerland.  He found my posts on Day & Taxi, his horn, bass, and percussion trio.  He is sending me a recent recording, which I will review here. 
It is one of the benefits of doing this blog that I occasionally hear from jazz geniuses.  If more of them would drop me a line, I would do more to promote their music.  I love the two Day & Taxi albums About and Less is More.  Gallio was a student of Steve Lacy and it shows.  Here is the lineup for the two albums:
1.       Bass – Dominique Girod
2.      Drums – Dieter Ulrich
3.      Saxophone – Christoph Gallio
I’ll do some more when I get the disc.  Meanwhile I am play ‘Madagaskar’ from About. 

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