Friday, December 21, 2012

Kahil El'Zabar does my mood

I posted not long ago on Kahil El'Zabar.  Yesterday I downloaded one of his early albums as leader (of the Ritual Trio): Renaissance of the Resistance (1994).  El'Zabar has roots in very edgy jazz, but this album is both accessible and very compelling.  Here is the trio:
I am playing the title cut.  It is one of those long, moody, meditations that are just right when you want to wallow in the sweetness of your sadness.  Frankly, I need to assemble a playlist of such compositions.  

I am also playing 'Trane In Mind'.  I am not sure it brings Trane to mind, but it kept me dancing with my beagle while I put together the Kung Pao Shrimp.  Trust me; this one will make you want more.  Ari Brown's sax wails like he thinks he is Pharaoh Sanders.  There is a lot of love in them there notes.  

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