Saturday, September 15, 2012

Craig Harris

More trombone!  I've been listening to Craig Harris documents over the last couple of days.  It is partly a matter of chance.  I put a lot of recent downloads (all legal!) on a CD and slid it into my car player.  I found myself listening to a magnificent cut but I couldn't figure out from the MP3 text who it was.  It was 'Blackwell', from a Harris recording Black Bone (1984).  It put me right in the deep end of the jazz zone.  

Craig Harris has been present at the creation of a lot of excellent jazz.  He has recorded with Sun Ra and David Murray, to mention only a couple of my favorites.  'Blackwell' is muscular and epic.  You can here at on my L365 station.  The whole album is much the same.  Here is the lineup.  
So what do I do when I find such a gem?  I look for more.  I purchased F-Stops.   This is a much more conceptual album, with seven compositions entitled 1st Flow to 7th Flow.  I am playing 'F-Stops: 5th Flow'  and 'F-Stops: 3rd Flow' .

Here is the lineup for F-Stops
You will want some Harris in your collection.  These are a good place to start.  

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