Saturday, March 10, 2012

Please Ms. Postma

If you are reading this blog (if you aren't, who am I talking to?), please take a few moments to comment.  I had no friends when I was a child.  I am desperate for recognition.  

Now that I got that out of my system, a rather long time ago one of my readers directed my attention to Tineke Postma.  I acquired her album First Avenue at the time, and have enjoyed it many times since.  I just purchased a second album, The Dawn of Light.  Both are very good.  

Ms. Postma is a saxophonist based in Amsterdam and New York.  Her jazz has a very bright, crisp sound.  It always reminds me of fine restaurant/club, where every surface is shiny.  Standing on the stage and creating that room is Postma's sound.  To say that her playing is excellent is misleading.  It is, but it is also pensive and inventing.  She always seems to be working her way around something in a very breathy way.  Whatever you're thinking, stop it.  This is more interesting. 

I am playing 'Off Minor' from The Dawn of Light, a very daring reinvention of Monk's tune.  Should anyone think that Postma isn't serious, that person should seriously listen to this cut.  I am also playing 'The Man Who Stared At Coats.'  This is a good showcase for her band, which is inevitably tight.  Marc van Roon is soo good on piano.  I am also playing 'Moody Voyage' from First Avenue.  Here are the lineups: 

The Dawn of Light
  1. Tineke Postma; saxofoon, 
  2. Marc van Roon; (elektrische) piano, 
  3. Frans van der Hoeven; bas, 
  4. Martijn Vink; drums, gast: 
  5. Esperanza Spalding; zang  
Okay, Esperanza zang on one cut. 

First Avenue
  1. Tineke Postma (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone); 
  2. John Ruocco (clarinet); 
  3. Rob Van Bavel (grand piano, Fender Rhodes piano, keyboards); 
  4. Martijn Vink (drums)
 Okay, that was a great review, no?  Now I want a comment from Postma.  I think I earned it.  She certainly earned this review.  I'll take what I can get.  Like I said, I had no friends as a child.  Now?  I ain't sayin'. 

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