Sunday, May 8, 2011

See How They Run

I received a very nice CD from Lucas Brown, who plays organ for The Three Blind Mice.  The Trio is led by sax man Victor North.  Wayne Smith plays drums.  The CD is entitled The Outsider.  I have been dancing to it all day.  The organ is relatively rare in jazz.  It doesn't have the strike of the piano or bass, or the dense cry of the horns.  Instead, it has a crushed velvet texture.  I like it, and Brown's playing makes me want to hear more.  

I also grew very fond of North's sax work by the end of the album.  It gives me that "come on back around" feelin', here is something you should have paid more attention to.  This is contemporary jazz worth listening to.  Check out the web page above to get the CD.  Trust me, you'll like it.  I have a couple cuts on my Jazz Note station. 


  1. Thanks Ken, glad you enjoyed it!!

  2. Rhenda FearringtonMay 28, 2011 at 9:19 AM

    I feel the same way about this CD! I've been listening to the Mice for years...The CD travels everywhere I an old friend ridin' "shotgun!"

    Check out another awesome review of THE OUTSIDER on CD BABY!

  3. Thanks for the comments. And thanks for the disc, Lucas. Like I said, I dig it.

  4. Ken,
    Just a quick comment. The organ is not actually rare in jazz. Maybe you meant that it's rare in Free Jazz/Avant Garde Jazz. During the early 60s Jazz Organ Trios were the thang.

    Being from Philly, I got my share. But it is beautiful music. But, what you started poses a great question if we start to think of Organ trios in a more Free Jazz/Avant Garde Jazz format.
    I have to think of some examples, but it would be great to see some new variations.

    Homer Jackson