Thursday, March 10, 2011

Recent Live365 Program

My Live365 program has about ten hours of jazz on it now.  I haven't had the time/energy to post a complete play list here, but I will try to list new stuff as I add it.  Here is what went up this week:

  1. William Parker/Sunday Morning March/Scrapbook
  2. Thelonious Monk/Misterioso/Misterioso
  3. Steve Lacy and Eric Watson/Goodbye Pork Pie Hat/Spirit of Mingus
  4. Rob Garcia Quartet/Perennial/Perennial
  5. Joe Henderson/Y Todavia La Quiero/Relaxin' at Camarillo
  6. David Murray/India/Octet Plays Trane
  7. Chico Freeman/Infant Eyes/The Unspoken Word
That's a pretty good slice of music.  Most of it is relatively unknown.  The William Parker album is a "violin trio" with Parker on bass, Hamid Drake on drums, and Billy Bang on violin.  It gives the album a classical touch but the arrangements are a range of African American roots music.   The Steve Lacy/Eric Watson album is what you get when you get a Steve Lacy duet.  

I am still rather possessed by the DKV Trio albums I posted about earlier.  This is certainly the most captivating free jazz I have ever heard. 

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