Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hello from New Orleans Updated!

I have been in New Orleans for the last few days, drinking beer and eating Cajun and listening to lectures on the Second Amendment.  In between all this serious activity, I managed to visit one of my favorite music places, the Louisiana Music Factory, on Decatur Street in The Quarter.  It still has one of the most inviting jazz sections available.

I picked up (finally) Horace Silver and the Jazz Messengers, Intuition by Lennie Tristano and Warne Marsh, Kenny Dorham Una Mass (with Joe Henderson, Herbie Hancock, Butch Warren, and Anthony Williams), and last but not least, True Blue by Tina Brooks.  I'll try to post a sample or two when I get home this week.

Until now, here is a beautiful picture.  If you cut me out of it.

Update!  I blogged about Harold Floyd (Tina) Brooks back in April.  Doesn't it sound like I know what I am doing when I call him by his real name.  Kinda like when a jazzman leaves out the "King" between Nat and Cole.  In fact, I know very little beyond what is in that post.  But I did obtain Brooks' wonderful Minor Move just about the time I began my (semi) serious collecting. 

True Blue is almost as good.  The late Freddie Hubbard plays trumpet, Duke Jordan piano, Sam Jones bass, and Art Taylor drums.  It is a fine piece of hard bop.  Listening to it is a lot like watching the DVD set of Firefly.  Its great but bittersweet, as I know the series will end prematurely.  Here is a sample, an alternative version of the first cut.

Good Old Soul

And here is a cut from the Dorham album mentioned above.
Sao Paolo


  1. Hello Ken,

    How is New Orleans these days? They are still airing documentaries about Hurricane Katrina over here, is it still that bad?

    Nice track on that Tina Brooks album by the way, definitely need to check that one out. Last week I stumbled upon a great 19-year old sax-player by the name of Hailey Niswanger: It's a track from her album Confeddie. Amazing!


  2. André:

    It's wonderful to hear from you. New Orleans continues its slow recovery. The weather was dreadful, by local standards. The day the above photo was taken, it was in the thirties with a fierce wind. Of course back home in the Dakotas it was thirty below.

    I will try to get to that clip you link to.

    Happy new year.