Thursday, July 30, 2009

Charles Lloyd

I am grading summer school exams, which explains why my eyes can't focus on letters right now. Also I am waiting for my eMusic downloads to renew, and payday to come so I can spend a little of this ill-gotten gain on iTunes. I have Charles Lloyd to comfort me.

He is a Memphis native, and so rather a homeboy to me. I have been listening to Voices in the Night, a 1999 release. It makes me think that the summer night is okay. Billy Higgens played drums. He would pass away of complications from liver disease, a few years later. I'll get back to Higgens in a later post. John Abercrombie plays guitar, and Dave Holland plays bass. That's quite a lineup.

To get you interested in Lloyd, here is a sample. But you might want to wait to listen to it until you are in a position to buy the CD. It's delicious.
Charles Lloyd/Forest Flower: Sunrise-Sunset/Voice in the Night
ps. This is the next to last cut. The last one, 'A flower is a Lovesome thing', is worth the price of the disc.

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