Friday, April 18, 2008

Welcome to Jazz Note SDP

Welcome to Jazz Note SDP! This blog is devoted to critical commentary on Jazz. For several years now I have been blogging at South Dakota Politics, along with a group of colleagues. You can also find my political posts at the ABC affiliate Keloland. That blog is, as you might guess, devoted primarily to political issues, both local and national. I highly recommend it. But we at SDP also post occasionally on cultural topics: movies and music.

Some time ago I began a regular feature on Jazz: SDP Jazz Note. I am a major jazz nerd with a strong preference for hard bop, and especially for the body of music produced between the early fifties and the mid-sixties. I have been in the business of building a competent jazz library, and those posts mostly reflect that project. I flatter myself that my jazz posts may be of interest to other jazz fans, and this blog is an attempt to make them more available.

If you like what you read here, please let me know. Comments on individual posts will also be welcome. I will gradually post all of my previous jazz notes here, and I will make every attempt to bring my readers' attention to events in the contemporary jazz scene.

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