Saturday, June 9, 2012

Archie Shepp

I have been loading some Shepp onto my Live365 station.  Today I put up 'Emotions', from Don Cherry Live in Europe '64.  Shepp is listed as the leader in some accounts.  It's basically the same combo as recorded Shepp's seminal album The New York Contemporary Five.   Shepp on tenor, John Tchicai on alto, Cherry on cornet.  The New York album is one of those that belongs in any modest jazz collection.  The '64 recordings are priceless because they further document a band that had no commercial potential.  

I also uploaded 'Hambone' from Shepp's wonderful album Fire Music.  This is raw, dig down along the live wire avant garde.   Here's the band:
I'll let that stand for now.   Oh, okay, here's one more.  I love this duet album with Shepp and Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen.  It's a great horn/bass duo.  I am playing 'Billie's Bounce' from Looking at Bird

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